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I help individuals and business clients in solving their legal problems

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Marcin Szmigiel

Legal services in Rzeszów

I provide a wide range of legal services for Clients based in Rzeszow, or who`s cases are based in Rzeszow and around Podkarpacie region

reprezentacja przed sadami

Representation in courts

prawo karne adwokat rzeszow

Criminal cases

save money

Child support

podzial majatku adwokat rzeszow

Division of property and assets

prawo pracy adwokat rzeszow

Labour law

odszkodowania adwokat rzeszow

Accident claims

prawo jazdy

Driving under the influence

adwokat pomoc skazanym

Help for convicts

sprawy administracyjne adwokat rzeszow

Administrative matters

Legal services for companies

Adwokat Marcin Szmigiel - adwokat Rzeszów

About me

I’m a lawyer and a member of the Bar Association in Rzeszów.

The Law Office of Rzeszów, run by me, has been providing a wide range of legal services for many years, including comprehensive legal services for natural persons, entrepreneurs as well as companies of other legal persons.

My goal as an Attorney at law Rzeszow and the goal of my team is primarily to solve both your legal problems and the legal problems of your business. I achieve this goal in particular by providing you with advice and legal services at the highest level.

In the first place, I take special care of contact with clients, I also work closely with them to develop solutions that primarily meet their expectations.

Thanks to my knowledge, many years of experience and the excellent team of the Law Firm, I try to find a legal solution in every, even difficult, situation.

I speak English and German.
Feel free to contact me.

Marcin Szmigiel – Attorney

Podpis - Adwokat Marcin Szmigiel

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